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Helping Others Help You

If you are a parent or partner worried about a loved one's substance use, you are very likely stressed out! Not just by the horrors of substance use itself, but also from the questions and comments you get from others: "Boy, I saw your husband last night... Yikes!" "I've been meaning to ask you... At

Can We Let the Myth of Codependency Go Away?

Let’s talk about relationships. Human beings are pack animals. We have been since the beginning of our evolution. We thrive by being in a community, we actually can’t survive unless we are in one! It was the key to our survival as a species, without strong relationships with others, we would have died out long

The Opioid Crisis in New York State

New York State is witnessing an epidemic of opioid-related medical emergencies and opioid overdose deaths, stemming from the use of both prescribed and illicit opioids and heroin. It is critical that New York State uses the full range of medical, psychological, social, and harm reduction methods and treatments to curb this epidemic, reduce harm to

4 Steps to Improve Your Communication

One of the things we humans are really good at is language. We’re pretty unique among creatures in communicating incredible amounts of information to each other through our words. Language has helped us survive and thrive as a species, as it has brought us together and helped us work as a team to do things

A Swift Kick in the Pants

If you read our newsletter you hear us talking all the time about the science behind behavior change. And the science shows that working with motivation and using reinforcement strategies are two of the most effect ways to help a person abusing substances decide to change while direct confrontation is often experienced as aggressive and

How a Sandwich can Help You Connect

If you care about someone struggling with with their use of alcohol or other substances (or even behaviors like overeating or spending), odds are you have lots you wish you could say about the problem you are observing. Have you wanted to say to your husband, “you know, drinking this often is probably adding to

How to Help: A New Perspective

If you are someone who loves someone misusing substances, it is likely that you want to help and want things to change. It’s also likely that you feel either incredibly overwhelmed or confused with where to start and what to do. Luckily there are lots of things you can do! And research has shown time

The Language of Change

Weather has been on the mind of many people lately. In the Northeast US, a storm hit that was labeled as a “Bomb Cyclone.” The name alone conjures up fear of destruction and terror. There wasn’t much difference between it and a more typical blizzard that we experience in the northeast, followed up by extreme