February 3: March 2: April 6: May 4: New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep! Having Compassion (for yourself and your loved one) When Confusing Things are Happening Communication Strategies for When You Don't Feel You're "Getting Through" How To Respond Best to Your Loved One's Low Motivation for Change June 1: January 6: How to Practice Self-Compassion When Worried about a Loved One Thinking Ahead: Best Practices for Summer Planning! 1st Monday of the Month
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New York, NY 10018
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Welcome to CMC

The Center for Motivation & Change (CMC) is a unique, private group practice of dedicated clinicians and researchers in New York City specializing in the treatment of substance use and compulsive behaviors. As a group of dedicated clinicians and researchers, we are driven by an optimism about people’s capacity to change and a commitment to the science of change.

The cornerstone of our treatment approach is motivational, helping each client find a path toward change they can truly embrace. Then we provide the structure and tools to pursue that path. Through the use of respectful, flexible, evidence-based approaches, we address issues ranging from problems to dependence and work to help each individual clear the often difficult obstacles to effective, life-enhancing, and long-lasting change.