August 3: September 14: October 5: November 2: Communication Strategies for Dealing with Ambivalence Communication Tips for Getting Your Point Across Strategies for Coping with Change of Seasons/Establishing New Structures How to Most Effectively Set Limits December 7: July 6: Why Should I Reward Them for Doing What They Should Anyway? Why Positive Reinforcement is Effective Holiday Season Preparation and Self-Care PLEASE NOTE: You must sign up at least 24 hrs prior to the date of the talk you wish to attend 1st Monday of the Month
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Welcome to CMC

The Center for Motivation & Change (CMC) is a unique, private group practice of dedicated clinicians and researchers in New York City specializing in the treatment of substance use and compulsive behaviors. As a group of dedicated clinicians and researchers, we are driven by an optimism about people’s capacity to change and a commitment to the science of change.

The cornerstone of our treatment approach is motivational, helping each client find a path toward change they can truly embrace. Then we provide the structure and tools to pursue that path. Through the use of respectful, flexible, evidence-based approaches, we address issues ranging from problems to dependence and work to help each individual clear the often difficult obstacles to effective, life-enhancing, and long-lasting change.