About CMC

Our Mission

  • To provide comprehensive, cutting edge, research-supported treatment

  • To develop individualized plans based on clients’ circumstances and goals

  • To provide multiple paths and options for change (one size does not fit all)

  • To allow for many different ending points based on client goals

  • To work with all clients considering change, regardless of readiness for change

  • To respect each client’s integrity, dignity and choice

Our Approach

Science + Kindness = Change

We built CMC at the intersection of science and kindness. From science, we get evidence-based principles, tools, and strategies proven to help people change; from kindness we get the glue that holds these ideas and practices together, making them meaningful and sustainable. As we see it—not just in general but over and over again with our clients: science plus kindness equals change.

At the core of all change is the decision to take action. Powerful tools exist for effecting change, but they are of little help if you have not first made the difficult decision to use them. At CMC, we will help you identify your own personal and compelling reasons for change and map out a path you can endorse, not just endure.

Our positive, holistic approach is designed to support real and lasting change. Focusing solely on stopping unwanted behaviors is rarely as successful as developing a fuller and more fulfilling life. Our therapists use motivational and cognitive-behavioral strategies to help you accomplish your goals. We will collaborate with you to understand the relationship between your thoughts, emotions, sensory experiences, values, and behavior. We will help you make changes that leave you feeling better and more motivated, with greater mastery over your life, empowered to pursue what matters most to you.

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