At CMC, we recognize that the treatment resources across this country are often limited and all too often not high quality or evidence based. Until the treatment landscape changes (which thankfully it is starting to do), we want as many people as possible to have access to evidence-based resources, regardless of their ability to pay, or where they live. As such, CMC has embraced the internet as one way we can help people gain access to high quality resources.

We are always looking to expand our digital resources, and encourage you to stay connected with us by facebook or by signing up for our newsletter. We are constantly updating and posting (sharing) great resources as we come across them. We hope you find them helpful.

Beyond Addiction

Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change is CMC’s first book! Beyond Addiction is CMC’s way of giving families, friends, and loved ones hope that they can help someone they care about change their substance use. Using the most current science and over 40 years of knowledge about substance use treatment, Drs Foote, Wilkens and Kosanke outline how you can help your loved one make changes.

This book is available now. For more information, go to or purchase the book on Amazon here.

The 20 Minute Guide (Print & Online)

The 20 Minute Guide is a FREE online resource that we made for parents and for partners about how they can help change their children’s substance use. This is a stand-alone product, or can be used as a companion to Beyond Addiction.

The 20 Minute Guide is laid out like a workbook, and has specific sessions to practice, worksheets, and practical ideas to help parents help their children through the process of change. You can find the entire 20 Minute Guide for FREE at

Interactive Guide

CMC, along with Bountiful Films and Magnify Digital, has developed an interactive online version of the 20 Minute Guide that will help you figure out the best way to help your loved one change their substance use. This completely free interactive guide will help you find solutions to the problems that you are facing, and will guide you through the things you can think about to help you help your loved one change. To get to the interactive guide, click the logo below.


CMC’s YouTube Channel

CMC has a growing collection of videos that we are publishing on our YouTube channel and on this website. To see any of our videos, click here, or visit our YouTube Channel.

Mindfulness Exercises