cmc-berkshires-logoCMC:Berkshires is our 13 bed residential treatment center in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts which opened in February 2014.  Our residence is a 100 year old stone mansion which, along with a separate 13,000 square foot administration and wellness building, sits on 200 beautiful acres. CMC:Berkshires is a two and half hour drive from both New York City and Boston.

The Center for Motivation and Change has been providing compassionate, collaborative and expert evidence-based treatment for people struggling with substance problems for the last 10 years in New York City and this is our answer to what residential addiction treatment can be.  CMC founders, Jeff Foote, PhD and Carrie Wilkens, PhD teamed with Carrie’s husband Will Regan, leveraging his 25 year hospitality development career, to create this special place.  CMC:Berkshires operates under the direct, onsite leadership of Dr. Foote as well as Clinical Director David Lane, PsyD, who has been a senior CMC clinician since 2006.

We are driven by optimism about people’s capacity to change and by our commitment to the science of change.  Mountains of evidence support us in this optimism.  Those tenets of practice are our foundation at CMC, and are part of our larger vision: to change the conversation about substance use from stigma to growth, from deficits to strengths, from shame to pride, and from ideology to evidence.

With CMC:Berkshires we expand on our evidence-based foundation that has been so important in our outpatient care: a focus on the development of a life that sustains positive change. In this spectacular Berkshires setting, in addition to individual and group treatment, we provide clients with ongoing exposure to and practice in life-enhancing activities.  These include nutritional and food preparation consultation, exercise in our wellness facility or yoga and meditation in our yoga studio with certified and expert practitioners.  We offer outdoor experiences with certified adventure-based coaches along with pleasurable activities such as bodywork in our two bodywork rooms or off site cultural and recreational activities of which there is no lack in the Berkshires!

If you are interested in coming to CMC:Berkshires, please call us to set up an intake phone call.

413.229.3333 x190

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Key Features of CMC:Berkshires

  • Exclusive use of Evidence Based Treatments as the core of the program (MI, CBT, CRAFT, DBT, PE, and ACT)
  • Minimum of 4 individual psychotherapy sessions weekly, with other individual specialty sessions as indicated
  • Unparalleled personal coordination and communication with co-treaters prior to treatment, during treatment, and as part of discharge planning. If appropriate, clients can also have on-going contact with outside therapists to maintain connection.
  • Potential for flexible length of stay, determined by clinical appropriateness.
  • Doctoral and MD level clinicians for all primary evidence-based therapies
  • Single occupancy rooms with private en-suite baths for all clients
  • A beautiful, calming and reflective location, as well as facilities that are equally conducive to reflection and change
  • Individual sessions and planning in areas of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes with personal trainer, nutritionist, meditation and yoga instructors
  • Extensive medication evaluation for both psychiatric and addiction medications.
  • When appropriate, initiate/maintain clients on opiate maintenance medications
  • When appropriate, initiate supportive medications such as Vivitrol, Antabuse and smoking cessation treatments
  • Use of CRAFT, a powerful, effective and positive approach critical for families in the support and maintenance of change
  • Access to outside services and self-help meetings
  • From day 1, attention to “life after rehab”, which we know is critical to successful maintenance of change

If you are interested, please call us at 413.229.3333 x190. You will speak with an intake co-ordinator to determine if CMC:Berkshires may be right for you and then directly with a clinical director.