Testing Services

Areas of focus include:

Value of Testing

At CMC, we offer focused neuropsychological evaluations, to help us better understand your cognitive functioning and any specific strengths and weaknesses that could be targeted as you work toward your goals. Substance use has an impact on the brain, and testing can help you assess whether or not it is having an impact that you would like to avoid, such as poor memory, as well as difficulties with concentration, processing information, or impulse control. Additionally, underlying mental health issues like AD/HD and Nonverbal Learning Disorders can be helpful to identify, as treatment can be made more effective when you better understand the impact of these issues on  your functioning. For example, testing can identify learning disabilities/differences and attentional/concentration issues that may benefit from specific tools and supports that might not otherwise be considered if not clarified through testing.

We begin with an initial 1-hour consultation to determine what type of evaluation is needed to address the questions you and your treatment team have about your cognitive functioning. After that meeting, if together we think it would be helpful, we may schedule additional time to meet with people who have information about your learning history or cognitive functioning (e.g. family members, treatment team, tutors etc) and any prior testing or medical records will be reviewed. At the end of the consultation, we will make recommendations regarding the types of tests to be completed and the approximate amount of time the testing will take to complete. The recommended tests may include any of the following:

  • Structured diagnostic interviews or assessments
  • Neuropsychological Measures assessing (general intelligence, reasoning, problem solving, organization/planning, attention/concentration, learning style, memory, visual–spatial skills, motor/sensory skills, judgment/self-control)
  • Personality assessments
  • Vocational interests assessment for older teens and young adults

Neuropsychological testing can help you better understand how you learn new things and help us come up with strategies to best support you in that process. At the end of testing, you will receive a short report summarizing the findings and recommendations, as well as a feedback session with you and/or your treatment team.

Digital Options

We have several testing options that can be completed virtually. They can stand alone or be used as a precursor to further in person testing if warranted.

  • CNS Vital Signs is an objective measure that can be used to evaluate a wide range of domain functions, such as executive functioning, memory, attention, and processing speed. Results can be used as indications of important clinical symptoms and behaviors relevant to evaluations and recommendations for clinicians, patients, and family members regarding how to navigate life challenges.

  • The IVA-2 CPT is a software that helps evaluate visual and auditory attention, as well as response inhibition. The scores provide specific information on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses related to attention, such as speed/consistency of their reaction time, ability to sustain focus, and processing speed. It can be utilized with other measures to diagnose ADHD, or in general provide information related to attention that can be used to inform treatment.

About the Tester

Dr. Vivian Song has experience conducting neuropsychological and educational evaluations for youth and young adults, with a specialization in developmental disabilities, as well as anxiety, depression and substance use. She integrates developmental history, collateral reports, along with testing results to formulate a comprehensive understanding of your current functioning and appropriate interventions for moving forward.

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