Can We Let the Myth of Codependency Go Away?

Let’s talk about relationships. Human beings are pack animals. We have been since the beginning of our evolution. We thrive by being in a community, we actually can’t survive unless we are in one! It was the key to our survival as a species, without strong relationships with others, we would have died out long […]

The Power of Your Story

Kevin Love isn’t the person you usually turn to for inspiration. The 6’10” sharp-shooting power-forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers is a remarkable basketball player, but until recently he has not been known as a guy who motivates the masses. No, he’s the guy who advertises the power of milk as a way to build protein, […]

Three Tips for Keeping your New Years Resolution

January 1st already feels like it’s a million years ago, and yet it’s only been two weeks. Remember that feeling when you woke up in a new year, excited and motivated to start your new routine because this year, you were going to keep those resolutions. This was the year you were going to work […]

The Language of Change

Weather has been on the mind of many people lately. In the Northeast US, a storm hit that was labeled as a “Bomb Cyclone.” The name alone conjures up fear of destruction and terror. There wasn’t much difference between it and a more typical blizzard that we experience in the northeast, followed up by extreme […]

When Tragedy Strikes

When someone you love or care about is misusing substances, it’s not uncommon to feel terrified, sad, angry and flat out overwhelmed. As treatment providers we are trained to deal with these feelings and ideally have a support system around us so that we can do our work and be helpful in spite of how […]

The Important Art of Validation

In life and our relationships, one of the things we want most from the people around us is to feel heard and understood. Yet we often feel just the opposite! And miscommunications and relationship problems abound. To really hear someone, we have to listen and then validate what we have heard them say. While this […]

When Motivation is Low

I hate sitting in traffic. I’ll often opt to drive further out of my way, possibly not even saving time, because I don’t like the stop-and-go nature of traffic. It’s just more satisfying when I’m going somewhere to just keep moving forward! And I know I’m not alone in this; people like to see progress, […]

How to Tolerate the Stress of Everyday Life

When you’re trying to make healthy behavioral changes, like drinking less or eating better, it can be very helpful to try and limit your exposure to stressors that make it harder for you to make or maintain your changes. For example, you may want to avoid spending time in or around bars, or with certain […]

How to Talk When You Think They’re Lying

There’s are many common myths about people who struggle with substance use disorders. One of the oldest and well known is that all substance users have profound character flaws that results in chronic lying. In fact, if you google “addicts are liars” you find a list of 408,000 articles that discuss this very topic ( […]

No, Really, It’s Not About the Nail

Have you ever had a conversation where you really just want to vent to someone, and they seem intent on solving your problem? Of course you have. Maybe you’ve even been the problem solver, and noticed the reaction of the person sitting across from you. In situations like these, the end result is frustration on […]

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