Carrie Wilkens on The Katie Show

See Carrie Wilkens on the Katie show with Katie Couric. Dr. Wilkens and Steve Pasierb of the Partnership for Drugfree Kids talk about prescription medication abuse.

Dr. Jeff Foote on the Kathryn Zox Show

Hear Jeff Foote on the Kathryn Zox Show on VoiceAmerica. Dr. Foote discusses a different way of thinking about substance abuse and substance abuse treatment, how families can help, and Beyond Addiction.

Jeff Foote on the Scholars’ Circle with Maria Armoudian

On the March 16 episode of The Scholars’ Circle with Maria Armoudian, Dr. Jeff Foote, Dr. Lance Dodes, and Dr. Adi Jaffe discuss the most recent research about addiction and effective approaches to treating it. (The interview begins at minute 16 of the audio below).

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