Where is the Antabuse?

While we are all facing the limitations of our health care system during this pandemic, some people suffering from alcohol use disorder have been struggling unnecessarily for months due to a sudden and unexplained shortage of a life saving medication, disulfiram.  Alcohol use disorder is a medical condition that kills thousands of people every month […]

Beware of a Snow Day

Dealing with a destructive relationship to substances…and doing the huge work of changing that relationship… is a process of mastery. It requires focus, intensity, perseverance, commitment, and courage. It requires getting a deeper understanding of yourself, taking the plunge into some not so happy places of self-reflection, and bringing what you find down in those […]

Understanding How We Change

Motivation for a given action (like, for instance, stopping smoking pot) is different at different times, and changes over time. Because of this, if we are trying to help motivate someone to make a change, we do best to try to understand a person’s stage of “readiness” for the change we are discussing, and start […]