Taking Care of Yourself During COVID

The spread of COVID-19 has changed the lives of millions of people all over the world in the last few months. As the virus has spread, people have had a number of questions circling in their minds- How do I stay healthy and safe during this time? How do I protect my loved ones? What […]

Bringing In the New Year

If you or someone you love is trying to change your relationship to alcohol or other substances, the holiday season is often a particularly stressful and difficult time to stay true to your goals. Family events, work parties, back-to-back cocktail parties are the norm, and eggnog and special spirits at every event are all a […]

All About: Coping Skills

As you consider making a behavioral change (whether that change is reducing or stopping substance use…changing general lifestyle habits to more healthy habits), you will likely encounter something very difficult: fear of the future! What if you don’t like the changes you are trying to make? What if you can’t change? These fears are understandable […]

Skills to deal with Anxiety, Distress and Cravings

Changing your relationship with substances or any compulsive behavior pattern takes time and practice. When you first start to reduce or abstain from the behavior you are trying the change, you will likely have lots of “craving” to return to it. These moments of craving will happen when you are triggered by external (places, people, […]

I’m Freaking Out . . . Now What?

One major reason people start and continue using substances (or engaging in other compulsive behaviors like shopping, gambling, etc.) is that they are “mood altering.” At least initially, most substances have a euphoric effect that can shift negative mood states like loneliness, sadness, anger, confusion, anxiety or boredom. Substances can also make difficult situations feel […]

Coping Skills Help Make Behavior Change Last

Making a change in your life is a pretty big deal. If you’ve move into the action stage of change, we’d first like to first offer you a huge congratulations! This is a bold move, and one that deserves a lot of praise! Next we’d like to offer you some helpful tips to help make […]

Why “Practice Makes Perfect”

Often, the process of making lasting change requires trying new and unfamiliar things. Maybe it’s walking to work a different way so you can avoid a tempting or triggering location. Maybe it’s practicing new coping skills in the face of an old problem. Maybe it’s reaching out to other people when you normally would go […]

Coping Skills for the Holidays (Part 2)

Last time, we discussed External Coping Skills, or coping skills that are active by nature. These skills are active by nature, and are very helpful when you have time and space to go do them. However, sometimes you don’t have the ability to go for a run (imagine everyone sitting down for dinner and one […]

Coping Skills for the Holidays (Part 1)

Holidays are a time for family, for celebration, and for increased stress and anxiety!  The increase in family togetherness can bring a lot of joy, and it can also be a very difficult time, especially if you have been struggling with issues and have been identified as the “patient” in the family.  All of the […]