Great Idea: BIGVision NYC offers Sober Activites for Young Adults

September 4, 2015

BIGvisionIn many ways, Isaac Goldberg Volkmar was an all too classic example of those coping with addiction. Isaac always struggled to fit in, and like far too many people, he eventually turned to drugs and alcohol to get through the day. Staying sober, however, was a constant battle for Isaac, one which he tragically lost. In 2014, while in the early stages of recovery, Isaac passed away from an accidental drug overdose resulting from a lethal combination of prescription drugs. Unfortunately for Isaac and those who loved him deeply, there seemed to be no place where he could connect with other sober individuals facing the same challenges he was while maintaining a fun and active social life.

Rather than allow Isaac’s death to be just another one of a countless number of senseless deaths associated with drug and alcohol addiction, Isaac’s family was determined to do something, and BIGVision was born. BIGVision is an organization created to help those in similar positions as Isaac. Comprised of caring and dedicated individuals, BIGVision is committed to creating a sober community for young adults in recovery in New York City. It is BIGVision’s mission to allow individuals with substance abuse problems to have fun in their sobriety, connect with others, and have the opportunity to build confidence and learn life skills in a safe and productive environment.

This community allows for young adults in recovery to forge new relationships with people who share similar experiences, and in addition to putting these individuals together, BIGVision assists them in finding interesting activities to participate in. Since its inception in January, BIGVision has organized several events, including go- karting at Pole Position Raceway, an evening of comedy, a ping pong and basketball tournament, a jewelry making class, and a sail around Manhattan on a 60’ cruising vessel. The response to these events has been incredibly positive, and one client was even offered a scholarship for jewelry making at the 92 St Y after one of our classes. BIGVision looks forward to the future events which will include a bowling tournament, a cooking class, rock climbing, a scavenger hunt, and a knitting class.

Those interested in learning more about BIGVision and joining a sober community can find out more information from their website or visit the closed private Facebook community page at

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