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Why Am I Doing This Again?

This is for everyone who has started down a new path toward a healthier weight, better conditioning, less procrastination, regular flossing, less alcohol, or no more cocaine (and all the other things you may want to change). You have the goal in your sites, and you’re ready to go! If it were only so easy.

What Can You Learn from a Lobster about Change?

[youtube id="3aDXM5H-Fuw" align="center" thumbnail="" grow="yes"] Almost every moment of every day requires that we tolerate change. Our environment, our moods, our physical states, and our thoughts are constantly changing, all day long. Yet when it comes to making bigger changes like career changes, relationship changes, and habit changes, most people find themselves avoiding change and

Managing Your Feelings Without Substances

Does having a cigarette can make you feel more energized and focused? Does having a drink can make you feel less depressed, less anxious or help wind down tension at the end of a long day. The reality is, people use substances because they have an effect that they appreciate. The problem for some however

Spring Has Sprung, Should You be Worried?

Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and birds are singing. While you are replacing your boots with sandals and pants with shorts and skirts, you can feel the energy buzzing in the warm spring air. Sounds great, right? As you work to cultivate a life of mindfulness and present-moment attention, you

All About: Coping Skills

As you consider making a behavioral change (whether that change is reducing or stopping substance use...changing general lifestyle habits to more healthy habits), you will likely encounter something very difficult: fear of the future! What if you don’t like the changes you are trying to make? What if you can’t change? These fears are understandable

Who Needs to “Hit Rock Bottom”?

We are almost positive you have heard someone say “he won’t change until he hits bottom.” Have you ever thought deeply about what is being conveyed in that statement? Slang for as bad as it gets, “hitting bottom” usually refers to the need to reach a place (or state of being) where one is so

4 Ways to Stick To Your Goals During the Holidays

The holidays are the time of year when many people are at risk for losing sight of their behavioral goals (e.g., drinking less, losing 5 pounds less, quitting smoking, starting a new work out routine, etc). It’s the often the busiest time of year in terms of work (both professional and personal, considering all the

How To Avoid Conversation Traps

If you are someone who would like to help a loved one change their relationship with substances or to make any behavioral change, there are four essential tools you can learn. First, Helping through Understanding or thinking about issues of addiction differently using the science we now have available. Second, Helping by Taking Care of Yourself

Skills to deal with Anxiety, Distress and Cravings

Changing your relationship with substances or any compulsive behavior pattern takes time and practice. When you first start to reduce or abstain from the behavior you are trying the change, you will likely have lots of “craving” to return to it. These moments of craving will happen when you are triggered by external (places, people,

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