Spring Has Sprung, Should You be Worried?

Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and birds are singing. While you are replacing your boots with sandals and pants with shorts and skirts, you can feel the energy buzzing in the warm spring air. Sounds great, right? As you work to cultivate a life of mindfulness and present-moment attention, you […]

Great Idea: BIGVision NYC offers Sober Activites for Young Adults

In many ways, Isaac Goldberg Volkmar was an all too classic example of those coping with addiction. Isaac always struggled to fit in, and like far too many people, he eventually turned to drugs and alcohol to get through the day. Staying sober, however, was a constant battle for Isaac, one which he tragically lost. […]

Finding Your Balance

Every wonder what it means to be a balanced person? Does it mean being in control all the time? Being calm all the time? Able to handle anything? Moderate in all things? Able to stay composed when everyone else is falling apart? Being someone who manages to always eat right, work out, spend time with […]

I’m Freaking Out . . . Now What?

One major reason people start and continue using substances (or engaging in other compulsive behaviors like shopping, gambling, etc.) is that they are “mood altering.” At least initially, most substances have a euphoric effect that can shift negative mood states like loneliness, sadness, anger, confusion, anxiety or boredom. Substances can also make difficult situations feel […]

What’s the first step of habit change? Going off autopilot!

Changing behavior requires self-awareness. Changing a well-worn habit in particular requires that you move it from “automatic” to “conscious” so that you can make other behavioral choices. For example, if you don’t even notice that you are reaching for a cigarette as you get into your car, how are you ever going to decide to […]

Going off Autopilot to make Behavioral Changes

Do you ever start the day with good intentions to change a bad habit, “today is the day I quit smoking,” and by the end of the day feel frustrated because you found yourself with a cigarette in your hand without even realizing it? Does it mean you were not serious in the first place…that […]

What’s In A Name?

What’s in a name? Sure, by any other name a rose may smell so sweet, but by any other name would an “addict” feel so stigmatized? Were Shakespeare alive today I would ask that he reconsider his stance. With the gradual pace of change in addiction treatment highlighted by the continued advancement and implementation of […]

Coping Skills Help Make Behavior Change Last

Making a change in your life is a pretty big deal. If you’ve move into the action stage of change, we’d first like to first offer you a huge congratulations! This is a bold move, and one that deserves a lot of praise! Next we’d like to offer you some helpful tips to help make […]

How To Be More Mindful This Week

Mindfulness is all over the news. It’s the treatment du jour, and has been found to help people with everything from finding happiness to being more productive. When you are working to change behaviors, like substance abuse or any problematic behavior, being more mindful can be the key to figuring out which behaviors to target, […]

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