FREE Video Series

Several years ago, CMC spent some time making videos explaining concepts about treatment and behavior change that we felt would be helpful and beneficial for family members to have. We began this as an online CRAFT class, going over specific CRAFT concepts and referring back to the 20 Minute Guide, a guide for families about […]

Great Idea: BIGVision NYC offers Sober Activites for Young Adults

In many ways, Isaac Goldberg Volkmar was an all too classic example of those coping with addiction. Isaac always struggled to fit in, and like far too many people, he eventually turned to drugs and alcohol to get through the day. Staying sober, however, was a constant battle for Isaac, one which he tragically lost. […]

Carrie Wilkens on The Katie Show

See Carrie Wilkens on the Katie show with Katie Couric. Dr. Wilkens and Steve Pasierb of the Partnership for Drugfree Kids talk about prescription medication abuse.

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