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The Opioid Crisis in New York State

New York State is witnessing an epidemic of opioid-related medical emergencies and opioid overdose deaths, stemming from the use of both prescribed and illicit opioids and heroin. It is critical that New York State uses the full range of medical, psychological, social, and harm reduction methods and treatments to curb this epidemic, reduce harm to

Finding Your Way Through a Relapse

When you are trying to make a behavioral change, whether it be reducing/quitting any type of drug use or changing your relationship with food, a return to old behavior (e.g., a relapse or a slip) can be a frustrating event. Not just for you, but for the people around you who care about you and

Why Am I Doing This Again?

This is for everyone who has started down a new path toward a healthier weight, better conditioning, less procrastination, regular flossing, less alcohol, or no more cocaine (and all the other things you may want to change). You have the goal in your sites, and you’re ready to go! If it were only so easy.

The Power of Your Story

Kevin Love isn’t the person you usually turn to for inspiration. The 6’10” sharp-shooting power-forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers is a remarkable basketball player, but until recently he has not been known as a guy who motivates the masses. No, he’s the guy who advertises the power of milk as a way to build protein,

How to Change a Habit

Do you ever start the day with good intentions to change a bad habit, "today is the day I quit smoking," And by the end of the day feel frustrated because you found yourself with a cigarette in your hand without even realizing it? Does it mean you were not serious in the first place,

Three Tips for Keeping your New Years Resolution

January 1st already feels like it’s a million years ago, and yet it’s only been two weeks. Remember that feeling when you woke up in a new year, excited and motivated to start your new routine because this year, you were going to keep those resolutions. This was the year you were going to work

Listening Through the Holidays

As the holidays approach, many people find themselves facing tricky or down right difficult interpersonal situations. Maybe you are worried about your brother and get mad at him for always getting drunk at the family Christmas party. Maybe you are worried about a friend, who you know is trying to stay sober and is facing