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About Josh King, PsyD

Dr. King is a psychologist who has specialized training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness based therapies, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI). Dr. King is also a contributing writer for Thrive Global and Business Insider.

Is CBD Oil the Next Anti-anxiety Medication?

CBD is everywhere! Athletes are using it and touting it’s ability to help them recover after competitions and practice, and are using it in place of ibuoprofren. In New York City, you can find it in most local pharmacies, herbal supplement aisles, and vape shops. Bars and restaurants are even adding it to cocktails! CBD

Can Our Words Impact Change?

Human language is an amazing thing. We humans have become the top of the food chain mainly because we can communicate effectively enough to work together efficiently. We accomplish much of this work through our use of language. In an effort to be efficient however, we have created many language-based “short-cuts” and words end up

Behaviors Make Sense (Even the Dumb Ones)

You know the story … you hear about a person who has messed up, again. Everyone starts talking about it. “Why are they so dumb?” “Didn’t they know this was going to happen?” “I just can’t understand why they keep doing this?” Our instinct is to immediately jump on the person for the choices they

Can We Let the Myth of Codependency Go Away?

Let’s talk about relationships. Human beings are pack animals. We have been since the beginning of our evolution. We thrive by being in a community, we actually can’t survive unless we are in one! It was the key to our survival as a species, without strong relationships with others, we would have died out long

The Power of Your Story

Kevin Love isn’t the person you usually turn to for inspiration. The 6’10” sharp-shooting power-forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers is a remarkable basketball player, but until recently he has not been known as a guy who motivates the masses. No, he’s the guy who advertises the power of milk as a way to build protein,

Three Tips for Keeping your New Years Resolution

January 1st already feels like it’s a million years ago, and yet it’s only been two weeks. Remember that feeling when you woke up in a new year, excited and motivated to start your new routine because this year, you were going to keep those resolutions. This was the year you were going to work

The Language of Change

Weather has been on the mind of many people lately. In the Northeast US, a storm hit that was labeled as a “Bomb Cyclone.” The name alone conjures up fear of destruction and terror. There wasn’t much difference between it and a more typical blizzard that we experience in the northeast, followed up by extreme