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The Center for Motivation & Change (CMC) is a group practice of dedicated clinicians and researchers who rely on science and kindness to help people change. We employ respectful, flexible, evidence-based approaches to address substance use and compulsive behavior problems as well as other mental health issues, including trauma.

Through compassion, collaboration, and the best science has to offer, we help people make life-enhancing and long-lasting changes. Let us help you find a path toward change that leaves you feeling better and more motivated, with greater mastery over your life, and empowered to pursue what matters most to you.

As a team, we are driven by an optimism about people's capacity to change and a commitment to the science of change.

Our Approach

Science + Kindness = Change

We built CMC at the intersection of science and kindness. From science, we get evidence-based principles, tools, and strategies proven to help people change; from kindness we get the glue that holds these ideas and practices together, making them meaningful and sustainable. As we see it—not just in general but over and over again with our clients: science plus kindness equals change.

At the core of all change is the decision to take action. Powerful tools exist for effecting change, but they are of little help if you have not first made the difficult decision to use them. At CMC, we will help you identify your own personal and compelling reasons for change and map out a path you can endorse, not just endure.

Our positive, holistic approach is designed to support real and lasting change. Focusing solely on stopping unwanted behaviors is rarely as successful as developing a fuller and more fulfilling life. Our therapists use motivational and cognitive-behavioral strategies to help you accomplish your goals. We will collaborate with you to understand the relationship between your thoughts, emotions, sensory experiences, values, and behavior. We will help you make changes that leave you feeling better and more motivated, with greater mastery over your life, empowered to pursue what matters most to you.




News & Media

What is Willpower?

What is willpower?  Some sense of self-control, resilience, ability to stick to a goal in spite of obstacles?  It’s actually more of a folk wisdom term but it has a lot of power in our culture and psyches.  In the popular press, people with a “lot of willpower” are thought to be strong, competent and […]

A Breath of Fresh, Evidence-Based Air

We happily point our readers to a recent Jane Brody article in the NY Times concerning evidence-based treatments for substance use problems. Brody’s article, “Effective Addiction Treatment,” captured a number of essential points about what to look for when you are considering treatment for you or a loved one, always a bewildering maze when dealing […]

Cognitive-Bias Modification: Changing How We See the World

We are curious about “cognitive-bias modification”.  Researchers have found that focusing (noticing, analyzing, ruminating) on threatening or negative events leads people to see the world in less positive ways.  In particular they appear to be more pessimistic and have difficulty seeing potential positive outcomes. In other words, if you notice the frowning faces on the […]

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New Workbook

A new offering from CMC:Foundation for Change!

The Invitation to Change: A Short Guide is a new workbook for helping someone—whether a loved one or a client—who is struggling with substance use and change.