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Stop Stress from Stopping You

When trying to make changes, such as starting a new diet, trying to quit smoking pot or introducing an exercise routine, it is important to consider how everyday stressors impact your ability to achieve your goals. The first step of making behavior changes is to try and increase your awareness of yourself and your world.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of … Values?

On March 20th, the world celebrated International Happiness Day. You missed it? That’s too bad. Or maybe, it isn’t. It’s possible that by missing out on Happiness Day, you might have saved yourself from the popular misstep that many other people in our society have tripped over. That’s right, happiness, or the pursuit of happiness

Mindfulness in Three Steps

Mindfulness, that eastern meditative practice you’ve been hearing and reading all about, can sometimes be a difficult thing to understand. What exactly are you supposed to “do?” The definition, which is difficult in itself because there is no one agreed upon definition, is also vague; purposely bringing your attention to the present moment in a

The Best Attitude for Change

If you are thinking about changing a behavior pattern (like overeating, smoking, spending too much money, drinking too much etc), it can be helpful to take stock of your attitude as you approach the problem. What do we mean by attitude? Our attitudes predispose us to respond positively or negatively toward certain people, issues, objects

Collecting Your Baggage

Baggage is often used as a metaphor to describe people’s unique histories that are informing their current thoughts, behaviors, and world view. When we think of baggage in that way, we realize that everyone has baggage, because everyone has a history! In fact, if we didn’t have baggage, then we wouldn’t really have a life,

The Importance of “Space Fillers”

   The world of psychology has developed its own language for shedding light on how the world can influence our thoughts and behavior. One of the main concepts to understand is that of “reinforcement” because it is intimately involved in determining why we choose one behavior over another. For example, have you ever wondered why

Practicing Self-Compassion

Have you ever said to yourself, “I shouldn’t be so mad about this”, “I should be able to handle this and it’s pathetic that I can’t,” or “I can’t handle feeling so lost”, “or “I should be able to just get over this and move on.” These statements may be all too familiar if you

All About: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

If you are someone struggling with a behavioral issue (e.g., using substances in a problematic way) or a mood issue (e.g., panic attacks, depression), it’s likely that someone in your life, at some point, will encourage you to seek therapy. And if you are brave enough to want to make changes and think that it

Facing Your Anxiety Tiger

When we find ourself struggling with negative feelings or mood states, like stress, fear, anger, boredom etc...we tend to want to make them “stop.” It’s pretty natural to want to avoid these feelings because we believe having them will make us feel worse. Many of us also believe we should be “happy” or “fine” all

Putting a Face on Alcohol Abuse

We live in a country where the attitude about people who struggle with substance use issues is one of disdain, disbelief and disregard. When Jeff Foote and I opened CMC, one of our main goals was to change this. The negative stigma associated with substance use issues, the lack of information about effective treatment options,