Family Mondays at CMC:NYC

Join us for a monthly series of talks for family members who have a loved one struggling with substance use.

Each first Monday evening of the month we will be giving talks at the Center for Motivation and Change for Concerned Significant Others. People with problematic use of alcohol/substances have friends, parents, partners, and other family members who need support and guidance. Join us for any or all of these talks ahead by registering below.

Each talk will include some discussion of the core elements that research and experience have shown can most effectively influence healthy behavior change in others with a special focus on the topic of the night. Questions and participation is encouraged!

This year, we are adding a few EXTRA Family Mondays into the mix to allow for further discussion and consultation! See below for the extra dates in March, July and November – for the same fee and the same hour-length meeting. Sign up to join us on Zoom.


6:00 - 7:00 PM EST
(see full schedule below)


Online - Zoom
(info and link emailed upon registration)


$30 per session


Friends, Family, Partners, Co-Workers who are concerned about someone’s alcohol or substance use and want to know what they can do to influence positive change. You do not have to be involved in any CMC services to attend.


Jan 3 - Conscious Decisions vs Seemingly Irrelevant Decisions

Feb 7 - Taking Compassion (of Self and Other) Seriously

Mar 7 - Setting Limits and Keeping Boundaries

Mar 14* - CONSULT group on "Setting Limits and Keeping Boundaries" *(extra session)

April 4 - Ambivalence about Making Big Changes is Normal - Living with the Implications

May 2 - Communication Challenges, Especially When Angry

Jun 6 - Positive Reinforcement in Action

July 11 - Inner Obstacles to Accepting the Struggles of Your Loved One

July 18* - CONSULT group on "Inner Obstacles to Accepting the Struggles of Your Loved One" *(extra session)

Aug 1 - The Tool of the Behavior Analysis

Sept 12 - Principles of Decision-Making vs Finding "The Right Answer"

Oct 3 - Best Communication Tools for When You Meet Resistance

Nov 7 - Collaborating about Rewards and Consequences

Nov 14* - CONSULT group on "Collaborating about Rewards and Consequences" *(extra session)

Dec 5 - Coping Ahead and Planning for Risky Situations

PLEASE NOTE: You must sign up at least 24 hrs prior to the date of the talk you wish to attend

Contact Nicole Kosanke ([email protected]) if cost is an issue preventing you from attending.