Families and friends of those who are struggling with substance use or compulsive behaviors are often faced with on-going, painful problems. They may worry about their loved one’s well-being, fear the consequences for themselves as well as their loved one, and feel frustrated and angry at being mistreated (deceived, abandoned, treated harshly, etc). There may be legal, health, financial, work, child-care and other problems.

Families in this situation are typically counseled either to “detach with love” (Al-Anon) or get involved in a confrontational “intervention.” Unfortunately, neither detachment nor confrontation shows much evidence of actually helping users get the help they need.

With Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), CMC offers a proven approach to change. CRAFT helps motivate the substance user and helps the family take care of their own needs – a difficult balance that is precisely the target of CRAFT work. In multiple studies, across a range of substances and settings, CRAFT engaged on average 7 out of 10 reluctant loved ones into treatment. Not only that, CRAFT aims for a healthier, better life for all that is sustainable over time, not just as a way to “get the addict into rehab.”

Concerned significant others (e.g., spouses, parents, friends) work with a therapist for up to twelve sessions of training in the CRAFT approach. We recommend weekly sessions at first to engage the most effective learning curve. However, we individualize our training to the specific needs of each family, which sometimes means more or less frequent sessions; and some families find it helpful to get the support of a CRAFT therapist for a longer period of time.
We provide an ongoing group setting with other concerned family members, to learn CRAFT skills in an environment where mutual support and understanding can help family members get through the sometimes difficult process of change. Group sessions are eighty minutes.
We offer one-time seminars as an introduction to the concepts and methods of CRAFT. These seminars offer family members an overview of CRAFT and a chance to ask questions before deciding to participate in a training program. Seminars are typically ninety minutes.