Welcome to CMC! We are happy to offer a truly individualized, comprehensive therapeutic approach to help you as family members survive and thrive despite addiction or compulsive behaviors being present in your loved one’s lives. The CRAFT approach helps you as family members (spouses/partners, parents, children, and friends) find that critical balance between helping your loved one develop a healthier life with regard to substances/alcohol while also taking good care of yourself at the same time. Oftentimes family members come to us feeling this balance is an impossible one to strike but find relief in the CRAFT approach at CMC which provides support and education about how to set reasonable goals for interacting with loved ones in a healthy treatment-supportive ways. Some family members are also worried about their own alcohol and/or drug use, and we provide support for that as well.

The services at CMC are offered in a non-judgmental setting with seasoned professionals here to help you navigate through the often-confusing world of addiction treatment. We offer support and education while also providing specific guidance regarding how you can best support your loved one (in communication, interactions generally, how you can participate in treatment effectively, etc.). We individualize our services to meet your needs – some family members come to both group and individual CRAFT support while others come only once or a few times. We also do group meetings when indicated with your loved one present (eg., family or couples therapy). The CRAFT approach can help you whether you have found that Alanon is helpful or not. In fact, when studies have been done to compare and contrast the approaches of Alanon, CRAFT, and Interventions, both Alanon and CRAFT help family members to feel better, but only CRAFT helps the loved one to enter and stay in treatment.

The most important message we want you as family members to hear is that you CAN help without being “codependent” and you don’t have to lose your own life and sense of meaning while doing so!

Reimbursement for CMC services is dependent on your individual insurance plan. We are happy to answer more specific questions you may have by email or phone and if our services do not meet your needs, we will make recommendations for other options.

Your loved one does not have to be ready to change for you to take this step of changing things for yourself! But if your loved one is ready to change, we can help them too and can discuss your individual situation in more detail.