Welcome to CMC! Congratulations on taking this step to investigate options for feeling healthier and happier… sometimes reaching out can be a very difficult step in and of itself, so give yourself credit for being here now.

There are many options here at CMC for helping people address compulsive behaviors. We are all licensed psychologists and we truly individualize treatment plans, including the ability to professionally and comprehensively address both psychiatric and substance abuse issues in the same setting if that is needed. We do not have a one-size-fits all approach; we recognize that individuals have many different variables influencing their behavior which need to be addressed in order to sustain a meaningful change of behavior.

We start with an initial consultation so we can get to know you well enough to make recommendations which are individualized to your specific therapy needs and scheduling requirements. We have individual therapy and group therapy, with various different frequencies for each (low-intensity once a week to intensive options) and different times of day (day and evening options are available). Our groups are helpful to a wide range of people and stages of change – ranging from groups for people just beginning the process of thinking about making changes and groups for people who are more stable in their substance-related goals, but who would like the support of others in similar circumstances. We have various different kinds of approaches as well, eg Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and interpersonal skills-based groups.

Our therapeutic style is an active and directive approach, and focuses specifically on the behavior problem you want to address (substance abuse, alcohol abuse, gambling, or compulsivity with sex, internet, or shopping). As such, our services are often a very effective complement to existing therapeutic relationships (with a therapist or psychiatrist, for instance) and there is no need to change your current therapist, if you have one, while you utilize our services. However, our services can also exist as stand-alone therapeutic support system.

We are also very familiar with a variety of services in the community, so as part of the assessment process, we may offer referrals to assist you in attaining goals related to your primary behavior goals (eg, nutritionist, sober coach, trainer, etc.). We do not have psychiatrists on staff and do not have residential treatment options at CMC; however, if in your assessment we decide (along with you) that you need outside treatment options, we will help you to think through the pros and cons of different options to provide you with individualized referrals.

We are a small organization with dedicated, well-trained psychologists and our offices are located in an office building rather than a hospital or clinic setting. The environment feels both confidential and professional without an impersonal clinical atmosphere. Reimbursement for CMC services is dependent on your individual insurance plan.

If you would like to speak with someone directly to learn more about our services, you may contact our Director of Evaluation and Family Services or our Director of Clinical Services by email or phone. If you would like your therapist or doctor to call us first, they may contact us as well. We are happy to discuss the specifics of your situation to help you determine whether we are the best fit for your needs.