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Everything You Wanted to Know about Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder: A Primer for Non-Clinicians

Dr. Carrie Wilkens joins a panel discussion titled Everything You Need to Know about Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder: A Primer for Non-Clinicians.

Excerpt – Drs. Carrie Wilkens & Nicole Kosanke – When Is It Time for an Intervention

This is a FREE Excerpt of CMC’s CRAFT Class. In this excerpt, Dr. Carrie Wilkens and Dr. Nicole Kosanke talk about when you might want to consider doing an intervention on your loved one.


CRAFT Online Discussion Series for Parents:

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Dr. Kathy Pruzan & Dr. Nicole Kosanke on Opiate Dependence and Opiate Medications

Drs. Kathy Pruzan and Nicole Kosanke talk about opiate dependence, specifically the use of the opiate medications Suboxone (generic – Buprenorphine), Naltrexone and Vivitrol.

4 Parents Speak Out about Addiction in the Family

Lorraine, Paul, Lauryn and Pernilla tell their story. They are Parent Support Coaches – part of The Parent’s Toll-Free Helpline.