Create a Sacred Space to Encourage Your Wellness Routine

September 4, 2015


“A sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again”
(Joseph Campbell)

When I think about the space I created in my home for working out, I often think of it like a boxer’s corner. At the end of a round, a boxer heads to his corner, where there is a chair to sit, water to drink and someone looking over him or her and providing quiet advice. Its a time to catch one’s breath and strategically plan for things to come.

Creating time for yoga, meditation and working out is one of the biggest obstacles to creating and maintaining a successful weekly practice. That’s why creating a unique space or corner in your home can be an easy visual reminder on a daily basis to fit that time in.

Outlined below are the three things that you want to consider when you’re creating your own sacred space. Remember, creating your space is a way for you to create a reminder of your own to remember to make time, as well as designating space for yourself to feel comfortable and centered.

Designate a Space
To get started creating your sacred space, first pick the location. It does not have to be a very big space, just enough to lay out a yoga mat. If you have a nice place in front of a window with natural light, or perhaps you have an extra room you do not use, these can be ideal.

Think About How You Want to Use The Space
If solitude and meditation are what you need, your space can have a quieter feel to it. Think about placing several plants near your space with a comfortable cushion to sit on and have quiet music and a soft fragrant candle available. If you will be using the space to work out more vigorously, think about setting up the space with room to move around and to have space to exercise, stretch, and relax. Thinking about this step now will help you plan out your space more efficiently.

Determine What You will Need
Take your mapped out needs from before and use that to help plan out your space. If you like yoga, just a mat, a strap, a block and perhaps easy access to yoga music would be sufficient. If you’re leaning more towards strength workouts, a dyna band and a few weights can be set on your mat to remind you to work out as you walk by. Make sure that your equipment matches how you want to use the space.

In de-cluttering one small space in your life and creating a place of solitude, the space itself becomes a meditation. Whether you find yourself in it for just a few minutes a day , or are drawn there more often is not important. The ritual of creating, and nurturing a peaceful place for your soul is a mindful practice within itself. So head to your corner… and revitalize yourself.

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