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Welcome to the CRAFT Class

The CRAFT class was a collection of videos of CMC psychologists talking about different CRAFT topics. This collection of 13 videos which are still accessible and discusses an array of topics, ranging from self care to medications to stages of change.

Your subscription gives you access to these videos so you can watch them at your leisure and in whatever order feels good to you. At this time, we are not updating this video collection.

The Community Reinforcement and Family Training approach (CRAFT) is a compassionate and effective approach for engaging a reluctant loved one into treatment. Family members learn strategies to take care of themselves while also increasing the motivation for positive change in their loved ones. In research studies, CRAFT results in loved ones voluntarily entering treatment more than twice as often when compared with only going to Al-Anon or using the well-known “intervention” approach.
The 20 Minute Guides are compassionate and effective guides for how to implement motivational strategies and CRAFT skills to help improve your own self-care and help change your loved one’s substance use patterns.
The CRAFT class series is a series of 15 – 20 minute videos of psychologists discussing a CRAFT question or topic. These conversations will go in depth on how to handle difficult situations that parents, spouses and concerned significant others have had to handle in their lives.
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While we really enjoy putting together resources such as this, it is not feasible for us to take the time to do this while providing the other services we are providing and creating our other resources. So, for the time being, we are not going to continue making videos for this service. We will, however, revisit this in the future and may resume them at some point.
Dr. Nicole Kosanke, CMC’s Director of Family Services and co-author of Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Changewill continue to be a regular presenter. Along with Dr. Kosanke will be other psychologists and directors at CMC who are trained in and regularly work with CRAFT.
The online options include a one-month only option (one time cost of $25) or a recurring monthly option ($20 per month, with no obligation to continue, cancel at any time).
First, you should register at The 20 Minute Guide and then post your question on the Forum there. We will be picking questions from this forum for discussion. When you register, you get to choose a username, which is all that will show for you, so your anonymity is protected there.
If you signed up and your membership is still active, then you are all set! If your membership has lapsed, then you will have to sign up again.
You should contact Josh King at 212-683-3339 x130 or by email.


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