Do you allow a variable length of stay? How is that determined?

Our standard length of stay is 28 days, which is pretty typical among most inpatient rehabs. We will consider a shorter length of stay when that is clinically appropriate and sometimes best outcomes are achieved with a longer stay.

Examples of the kinds of situations that are clinically appropriate for shorter stays include someone who has had a lot of treatment in the past (most likely another inpatient stays) and/or has had sustained success in maintaining substance goals the past, and is in need of a “tune up” at present. Extended stays are great for people who are working on co-occurring symptoms that require more extensive and prolonged treatment, or clients who need more time to form new habits and learn new skills.

If you are interested in non-standard length of stay, be sure to bring that up when you have your first conversation, we are happy to discuss it and give you our clinical feedback.

What’s the food like and can you accommodate specialized dietary needs?


We take our food very seriously! Our chef, Simeon Bittman, a Berkshire native, worked his way through kitchens in Boston and the Bay Area of California before deciding to come back home, start a family and grow his personal chef business. Simeon realized he wanted to utilize his skill and the passion he has for his craft to more deeply nurture the people eating his food. In my role as Chef at CMC:Berkshires, Simeon says “I feel inspired everyday to make food that’s not just tasty and pretty, but also filled with love. I want the people eating it to feel taken care of .”

In season we serve mostly locally grown organic food. We are a short ride to most of our farmers and will set up field trips for interested clients. We are happy to accommodate any specialized dietary needs and we work to make sure that all meals are well-balanced and fit with science based nutritional guidelines or specific goals that you may have. We continually adapt meals to provide for clients who require vegetarian, gluten or nut free diets and have strict protocols in place to protect those with food allergies. We have a number of options to work with clients requiring Kosher meals.



Can I smoke there?

The short answer is, yes. If you are already a smoker, you can smoke at CMC:Berkshires.

The longer answer is that we encourage clients who smoke to develop and implement a quit plan with our assistance. If you choose not to quit, you will be allowed to smoke in a designated outdoor area. Most importantly, we don’t want anyone to leave CMC:Berkshires with a new substance habit, so if you enter CMC:Berkshires as a non-smoker, you will not be allowed to start smoking during your stay with us.

Will I have access to my phone and the internet?

Yes, you will have access to your phones and to the internet during designated times.  The goal of coming to CMC:Berkshires however is to unplug and dig deeper within yourself for understanding, awareness and tolerance.  Access to technology tends to take us all “out of ourselves” and as a result we try to limit access to phones and internet. That said, we know that for many people, it’s not an option to be completely disconnected, so you will have access at specific set times.

What are the rooms like?

Every room at CMC:Berkshires is an individual room, furnished with queen-sized beds and each has a private en-suite bathroom.  Every room has it’s own controls for heating and air conditioning.  The rooms are luxuriously appointed and all have windows with spectacular Berkshires views.

To see pictures of CMC:Berkshires and the rooms, click here.

Do I get individual therapy or group therapy? 

We believe that clients will benefit most from having an assortment of different treatment modalities. That is why at CMC:Berkshires, you will get both individual and group sessions, as well as family sessions (when appropriate and applicable), exercise/yoga practice, mindfulness training, and fitness training, to name a few.

Every client will receive a minimum of 3 individual session per week with a doctoral level psychologist, 1 family session per week, and 3 groups per day (M – F).

What’s included in my day rate?

Included in the rate is:

  • Room and Board; Food and Transportation during your stay (after arrival and prior to departure)
  • Individual Therapy; Group Therapy; Family Therapy
  • Initial Medical Assessment (History and Physical)
  • Initial Psychiatric Assessment and Ongoing Medication Management Sessions
  • Initial Nutrition and Fitness Assessment
  • Daily group yoga & fitness activities; gym access, fitness equipment, on-site recreational opportunities
  • Daily Mindfulness activities
  • $200 credit per week of stay towards individual wellness sessions such as bodywork, fitness training or yoga.  During a 28 day stay this equates to a credit equal to a little more than six individual sessions in addition to your daily group fitness classes.

How do you involve family?

Ideally, we try to involve family early on through phone/video-chat sessions using an evidence-based approach called CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training). We also offer optional on-site family work on some Saturdays.  At the same time, we do understand that in some circumstances, family work might be difficult and possibly not productive.  That is why we make sure to take the time to really understand the unique circumstances of each client’s life before we decide how we are going to involve family (or if we are not going to involve them directly in a client’s treatment).

What’s your stance on medications?

At intake we will do a thorough medication evaluation and will support you staying on medications that are prescribed and being used appropriately. If you or your referring psychiatrist/physician believe that it would be important or helpful to re-evaluate your medication regiment, we can and will do that as well. As with most things at CMC:Berkshires, we believe that this needs to be a collaborative process, and you will be an integral part of your medical assessment.

Do we ever get to leave the grounds?

When appropriate, we bring clients into the community for outings as well as facilitate “exposure excursions” where you will have the opportunity to practice remaining abstinent while engaging in activities in the community such as attending concerts, going to yoga classes, and practicing being at a restaurant and using drink refusal skills. The goal is to help you use your time at CMC:Berkshires to build up all the skills you need in order to live a full and fulfilling life. We think of time in town as valuable time to practice those skills.

I don’t think I want to go to residential treatment, but my family and friends are pushing for me to go. Is it ok if I have mixed feelings about being there?

Yes! Ambivalence (feeling pulled in two directions at the same time) is a very normal feeling, especially when you are considering making major life changes like this one. We expect that many clients will feel ambivalent about being in residential treatment and encourage you to bring all of your mixed feelings to discuss with us.