This page will walk you through a sample of what it is like to come to CMC:Berkshires, from the initial phone call, to your first days at CMC:Berkshires, through the regular schedule, and even aftercare.

When you call CMC:Berkshires a member of the team will get basic information like your phone number and contact information. Within the day, you will receive a call back from a clinician on the treatment team. Unlike most rehabs, when you call CMC:Berkshires, your first extensive phone contact will be with a clinician who will likely have a direct hand in your care from the beginning to the end of your treatment.

This first phone call with us takes about one hour. We spend the time finding out about you (the issues you would like to address, the treatment you have tried in the past, a sense of your physical and mental well-being). We get details about the circumstances of your life (family, work, interests) and what brought you to consider making a significant life change when it comes to your substance use or other behaviors. We also answer any questions that you have about CMC:Berkshires. We think it’s crucially important to take the time up front to answer all your questions and to understand your unique circumstances.

Together during this phone call, we will determine if CMC:Berkshires is an appropriate fit for you. We understand that each person has individual wants and needs, and that CMC:Berkshires might not be the best place for everyone. If we are not the best place for you, we will try and give you referrals that would better suit your needs. Again, our main goal is to try and help you find the support and treatment options that work for you.

We will also get a sense of anyone in your life who might be able to be a support to you during the process of making this decision. It can be very helpful for us to talk with other treatment providers and/or family members or friends. We encourage you to involve anyone who can help you make this decision and will work with you to determine how they can best be involved (e.g., providing information only, financial support, helping you get to us, etc.).

If during the phone call we decide coming to CMC:Berkshires is a good option for you, we will put you in touch with our administrator to discuss financial arrangements/payment options, travel details and give you options of dates/times that you can arrive. We can help arrange your travel to us (book flights/trains/car service) if requested. We will also email you a packing list and our policies and procedures manual so you will have as much information as possible.

Travel Arrangements

One of the best things about CMC:Berkshires is it’s location.  A beautiful, private estate nestled in the Berkshire mountains.  It can however, be difficult to find (one way that we protect privacy).  We do not allow clients to drive themselves to CMC:Bershires and we do not allow parking for client vehicles.  It is important that we help you identify family members or friends who can bring you to the property or we can help you arrange for transportation to us.

Driving Time from nearby cities and airports:

New York City (LaGuardia, JFK, Newark, Teterboro) 2 1/2 Hours
Boston (Logan) 2 Hours
Hartford (Bradley International) 1 hour 15 Minutes
Albany (Albany International) 1 Hour
Arrangements can be made for pick up at local FBOs for those clients arriving via private aircraft.

For clients requiring assistance getting to us we refer to sober transport companies that will pick you or your family member up anywhere in the world and bring you or them safely to us. These are third party organizations, not affiliated with CMC:Berkshires, with whom we have Qualified Service Organization Agreements to ensure that they meet our standards of conduct and confidentiality.

Important Discussion: One of the most important reasons that we have an extensive phone conversation with you prior to coming to CMC:Berkshires is our need to assess withdrawal potential. Many drugs of abuse require medically managed detoxification in order for a person to safely transition into a sober environment like CMC:Berkshires. We want to be very sure we can provide you with the safety and support you need. If together we decide it makes sense for you to complete a detox before coming to us, we will help you make arrangements with facilities either close to your location or close to us. We will then help you get to us directly from the detox program.

On your arrival day, you will be given a warm welcome by members from every part of the treatment team. If you decide to come to us we will send you an extensive description of what to expect on your first day. In general, you will be given a tour of the grounds, a medical examination, and will meet the other clients. You will have a thorough psychological assessment the following day and meet your individual therapist to start your change process.

Our philosophy is to provide very individualized care at all stages of the process and we understand that your first days at CMC:Berkshires will be a huge period of adjustment. For some clients, it may be the first time without a substance (or altered state) in a very long time (which requires tolerating new emotional and physical states of awareness). For others, it may just be the shock of trying something new and being in a new environment. For whatever reason (and perhaps for many reasons), it is very normal for people to be quiet, reserved, and even scared. We encourage you to talk to anyone on our staff about whatever feelings that you have. The team will be looking forward to helping you make a comfortable transition and getting to know you.

After settling in to CMC:Berkshires, which can take a few hours to a few days, you will get used to the regular schedule (click here to see a sample schedule). Your day typically starts between 7 and 8 AM with breakfast and then goes into Yoga/Meditation at 8:15. We have the goal of helping you establish healthy daily habits during your stay and evidence shows that beginning the day with a mindful practice such as yoga and meditation can help you to be more aware and productive throughout the day. After the morning routine, each day at CMC:Berkshires is busy and full of activity. Depending on the issues you are hoping to address, there will be individual sessions, group sessions, and specific skills training (relapse prevention, and DBT). There is a daily break for exercise that can range from group yoga/exercise class to individual yoga or personal training instruction. Most clients will get two hours of some type of physical activity a day (including outdoor activities like walking our beautiful property and surrounding area). There is a one-hour break for lunch/personal time to make phone calls every day and dinner is served at six. Time to connect with the outside world around work-related issues can be arranged as needed.

After dinner, there is more space and time to relax and work on introducing/re-introducing interests into your life. These may include going to self-help meetings in town (including, but not exclusive to, AA meeting), spending time working on skills (expressive writing, reading for enjoyment, storytelling, music) and exposing yourself to new things that will be helpful to you outside of CMC:Berkshires. You will also be encouraged to develop healthy sleep habits and relaxation skills that you can take back to your life after CMC:Berkshires. This is a good time to work on applying skills that you have learned, meeting and building connections with fellow clients, and/or taking some much deserved time to relax!

Throughout your stay we will be working with you to identify the family and peer relationships that need to be addressed in order for you to maintain long-term change. Family members almost always are doing their best when facing a loved one with a substance problem, but many lack understanding and the skills to manage effectively. There is often a significant amount of anger, resentment and hopelessness in a family by the time a person decides to seek inpatient support. We believe it is crucial to constructively engage the people close to you while you are in treatment so they can learn positive, and effective skills to play a motivating and supportive role in your life moving forward. We do not have a formal “family week” like many rehabs as we feel we need to address each family and it’s unique circumstances and members. To that end we offer individual training (in CRAFT skills link) to them if they are open to it and couples and family sessions remotely or in person at CMC:Berkshires (depending on where family lives and proximity to us). We also wrote a book specifically for them! Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change and a companion workbook called The 20 Minute Guide (one for spouses, one for parents). We know it can seem scary or even potentially counter-productive to involve family members when communication has broken down, but we will be encouraging you to include them as they will most likely be the community you return to. Having them on the same page can be the difference between an easy transition home and a painful one.

At CMC:Berkshires, we start thinking about and planning for life after rehab week one. We believe strongly that to be successful in the long term, a lot of thought needs to be put into how to protect the changes you have made while at CMC:Berkshires in your outside life. That means we will be working on helping you to evaluate and set up outside support for when you leave CMC:Berkshires.

If you do not have pre-existing therapeutic supports in your community, we will work to help connect you to treatment providers and speak to them about your work with us. We have a large network of treatment providers that we have personally worked with and whenever possible will refer you to someone we know. If you already have treatment providers you’ve been working with, we will continually be speaking to them about your treatment and they will play an integral role in helping us come up with a continuing care plan. Our goal is to have everyone on the same page and solid, well thought out plans in place before you leave us, which hopefully includes your family and friends! Along with making sure you have appropriate treatment support, we will be helping you to find activities that you enjoyed and found helpful with us in your local community (such as yoga, meditation, exercise, cooking classes, AA, etcetera).

Finally, we offer weekly phone check-ins with your primary therapist for the first month after you leave CMC:Berkshires, and bi-weekly check-ins for the two months following. We do this because we believe that even after you leave CMC:Berkshires, we want you to carry everything you have learned back with you. It is sometimes difficult to remember everything you did while you were in rehab, and the weekly and bi-weekly check-ins can be a way for you to reinforce the skills and changes you have made, and get refreshers if you need them.