The 4 C’s for Better Fitness

Many people have the goal of “getting” or “staying” fit. The number of obstacles however, can be many. Finding time, figuring out which class to attend, self-consciousness, or fear of failure…all can get in the way. Whether you are choosing a gym, looking into attending a class, or wishing to work one on one with […]

Great Idea: BIGVision NYC offers Sober Activites for Young Adults

In many ways, Isaac Goldberg Volkmar was an all too classic example of those coping with addiction. Isaac always struggled to fit in, and like far too many people, he eventually turned to drugs and alcohol to get through the day. Staying sober, however, was a constant battle for Isaac, one which he tragically lost. […]

Learning Requires Practice

Fall is back to school time. Summer is over and students everywhere are making the transition to new routines and the anticipation of learning new things. Even though “learning new things” is the point, this is a great time of year to remember that learning news things is often difficult. Whether it is learning how […]

I’m Freaking Out . . . Now What?

One major reason people start and continue using substances (or engaging in other compulsive behaviors like shopping, gambling, etc.) is that they are “mood altering.” At least initially, most substances have a euphoric effect that can shift negative mood states like loneliness, sadness, anger, confusion, anxiety or boredom. Substances can also make difficult situations feel […]

Are You Eating In The Dark?

Eating food isn’t as easy as it may seem. Sure, you’ve been doing it all your life, but how often are you really paying attention to what you eat? Do you have any idea how many calories you are consuming? Could you estimate your fiber intake? Or your sugar or caffeine intake? Maybe you are […]

What’s the first step of habit change? Going off autopilot!

Changing behavior requires self-awareness. Changing a well-worn habit in particular requires that you move it from “automatic” to “conscious” so that you can make other behavioral choices. For example, if you don’t even notice that you are reaching for a cigarette as you get into your car, how are you ever going to decide to […]

Get Moving!

At CMC we are committed to helping people develop better relationships with their bodies as changing any destructive behavior pattern requires that you “take better care” of yourself! Exercise of course is key to taking better care of your body. Maybe you are just starting to think about adding exercise into your life and don’t […]

Confrontation: The Biggest Motivation Killer

Excerpt from “Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change”. The following segment is from our book and outlines all the reasons why confrontation as a strategy is typically far from effective. It also describes strategies that are more effective when you want to encourage change in your loved one. Confrontation: The Biggest Motivation Killer The […]

An Important Conversation about Addiction

The New York Times article (A Different Path to Fighting Addiction, published July 3, 2014) discussing CMC and our book Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change has generated so much important commentary. We are grateful to have the opportunity to start a conversation about all the options available to people who struggle […]

Going off Autopilot to make Behavioral Changes

Do you ever start the day with good intentions to change a bad habit, “today is the day I quit smoking,” and by the end of the day feel frustrated because you found yourself with a cigarette in your hand without even realizing it? Does it mean you were not serious in the first place…that […]