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Medication Talk: Adult ADHD with Dr. David Cooperman

In this month's edition of Medication Talk, we are talking with Dr. David Cooperman about ADHD in adults. ADHD is usually diagnosed in childhood. Is it something that can be missed and only first diagnosed as an adult? Can you develop it later in life, or would people with an adult diagnosis have had it

It’s Hard to Relax and Have Fun!

Finding time to relax and have fun can be difficult at the best of times; family obligations, daily stresses, and managing your life can all get in the way. It can feel hard to find time for even short, enjoyable moments, like watching a favorite show or reading a magazine. It can feel especially hard

The Pain of Shame

Shame is ubiquitous among humans...we all can feel it to varying degrees and some of us are way more prone to it than others. Evolutionary psychologists think it is wired into us because we are social animals and shame is designed to correct behavior that steps out of the social norm. When you step out

Medication Talk: Alcohol Medications with Dr. Alex Horowitz

In this new feature, we will discuss topics about medication and medical issues that come up when treating substance abuse. This month we are speaking with Alex Horowitz, MD. Dr. Horowitz is a psychiatrist who is board certified in both general psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. He is a clinical assistant professor at NYU School of Medicine

Building Resilience Part III: Sleep, Exercise, and Health

Being resilient means being able to face the stressors that life throws you and cope well enough with them that you recover relatively quickly. And with all that is going on in the world right now, it can seem that the stressors never stop coming (politics, violence, financial strain) it is all the more important

What Can You Learn from a Lobster about Change?

Almost every moment of every day requires that we tolerate change. Our environment, our moods, our physical states, and our thoughts are constantly changing, all day long. Yet when it comes to making bigger changes like career changes, relationship changes, and habit changes, most people find themselves avoiding change and maybe even actively

Understanding Change

Changing a habit is a difficult thing to do. Even with the best of intentions, actually making behavior changes that last can be a slow and laborious process. This process of change has been studied and broken down, and understanding how people change can be helpful in your personal change process. Change is rarely a

Relapse Justification: A Normal Part of Change

You have made some pretty big changes in the past few weeks. You’ve cut down or stopped drinking and using substances, you’ve tried to reach out to friends and family to build up a support network, and you’ve worked to align your daily life with your values and goals for yourself. Overall, it’s been a

Managing Your Feelings Without Substances

Does having a cigarette can make you feel more energized and focused? Does having a drink can make you feel less depressed, less anxious or help wind down tension at the end of a long day. The reality is, people use substances because they have an effect that they appreciate. The problem for some however

How and Why to Start a Yoga Practice

Yoga is an ancient practice that uses breathing, moving, relaxing and meditating to achieve self-awareness and well being. Maybe you think it is a little bit weird. Maybe you think it looks kind of cool but find it sort of intimidating? Whichever your experience, it is worth the effort to explore it a bit more.