Thank you for reaching out to us at the Center For Motivation and Change! If you heard about us through “Addiction, The Next Step,” we hope the information below is helpful as you look for resources in your area.

We wish we had centers far and wide since there are too few evidence-based providers who work in the way we do at CMC. We know it’s frustrating to not have the help you’re looking for available in your local area. However, more treatment providers who work in this way are cropping up, and it’s possible that the right therapist for you or your loved one is working in your area. We’re also including links and information for online and in-print resources that CMC has put together so you can access supports in this manner as well.

CMC Resources:

CMC is delighted to have partnered with Bountiful Films and Magnify Digital on a first-of-its-kind online resource based on the 20 Minute Guide, CRAFT and motivational strategies. Addiction. The Next Step is a website and an Interactive Guide built with financial support from the Telus Fund. The Interactive Guide enables visitors to define their own journey through videos, tips, and other tools designed to teach concerned family members how to communicate in a manner that motivates their loved one toward change, while reducing family fear and stress. The Interactive Guide offers a range of scenarios that represent issues families face when dealing with a substance use problem. Drs. Jeff Foote and Carrie Wilkens, co-founders of the Center for Motivation and Change, deliver advice and practical tools to support your efforts toward changing the dynamics of your home and family. The Interactive Guide is a free program that can be used at your convenience as you need it.

CMC is such a big believer in the transformational power of family involvement that we wrote a book specifically for you! Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change is co-authored by our Co-Founders Drs. Foote and Wilkens and the Director of our Family Services, Dr. Nicole Kosanke. It is a resource for families, intended to be a roadmap for navigating in territory you may well have never been before, and is full of the latest information science has given us about how the use of substances affects the brain/body, reward/memory systems, and motivation and learning. It is also a thorough description of the principles of the family approach called Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), critical communication and behavior change skills for constructively moving forward. The CRAFT approach has been proven time and again in well-conducted research studies to positively affect the whole family system. Beyond Addiction also contains very clear suggestions about ways you can think about your participation in the change process moving forward. We hope that you consider reading it as a way to begin thinking about behavior change in a different way.

We also created The 20 Minute Guide, a workbook that distills motivational strategies and CRAFT concepts down into a quick and easy workbook format. You can go directly to the website and access all of the sessions for free, or you can purchase the workbook in a variety of formats here.

Additional CRAFT Resources:

Dr. Robert Meyers is the father of the CRAFT approach and he has created several ways you can find CRAFT support:

  • WEBSITE: The website has a list of certified CRAFT providers.
  • BOOK: Get Your Loved One Sober: Alternatives to Nagging, Pleading, and Threatening, by Dr Robert Meyers and Brenda Wolfe
  • ONLINE: Recently, Bob teamed up with Cadence Online to launch Parent CRAFT, an online training for parents concerned about changing drug and alcohol behaviors in their children. The innovative online program takes the empirically-studied behavioral science of CRAFT and brings it to life in an interactive film-based course. The program aims to teach parents to understand their child’s substance use patterns, improve their communication skills, develop methods of behavior management and learn when and how to guide them to accept professional help. We recommend that you go to to access these CRAFT strategies.

Ways to Find Providers Near You:

Below is a small sampling of potential resources in Canada, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. If you’ve found a treatment provider or facility you like who does evidence-based work, please pass their name/contact info along to us, as we’re always eager to hear about and connect with others in the field!

One way to find practitioners trained in the Community Reinforcement Approach (“CRA”, one of the approaches we use at CMC) is to go to the yellow pages (however daunting that sounds) and look in particular for a “behavioral” or “cognitive-behavioral” therapist (a cognitive-behavioral orientation is the foundation of CRA). In Canada, there’s also a national association called the Canadian Association of Cognitive & Behavioural Therapies. They have a link on their webpage with resources,, including a link to the Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists,, where you can look up local providers.

There is not currently a single listing for all the therapists who have been trained in Motivational Interviewing, another evidence-based approach used at CMC, but you can ask therapists you find if they have this training and/or you can go to the website for the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT).

Treatment in northern Nova Scotia is entirely CRA and CRAFT based. A great contact there is:
Greg Purvis, M.Sc., C. Psych.
Phone #: 902-396-6536
[email protected]

The Salvation Army in Ontario is moving toward using CRA in all their locations. You can contact your local Salvation Army for a centralized assessment and referral to possible treatment centers that they run. A contact there is:
Tom Tuppeny, Salvation Army Ontario
[email protected]

In the Toronto area, there is a referral agency set up through one of the hospitals, that can be helpful in investigating options. They’re called the Family Navigation Project:

A former CMC psychologist, Dr. Tanya Cotler, is now in private practice in Toronto. You can reach her via her website at