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Sue Parsley is the Wellness Director at CMC:Berkshires.

Twist into Spring

Throughout the winter months, there is a buildup of stagnant energy in the body that occurs , particularly in the colder northern climes, and especially if the diet has been more meat-based and rich in oils. Indian (Ayurvedic) Medicine says that springtime is the ideal season for cleansing and detoxification. Ayurveda, which means “life wisdom,”

Straighten Up with Pilates

Have you ever noticed that when you step in front of a mirror, you instinctively pull your shoulders back just a little bit, adjust your posture, and stretch your neck? Just a mere glimpse of yourself can activate a natural impulse to stand up a little straighter. On some level we know it is important

Coming “Om” for the holidays

The holidays can be a very challenging time for many of us, with feelings of loss or loneliness that are amplified by the seasonal imagery of full, happy families and holiday cheer. As a yoga teacher I know there is a wonderful way to manage these feelings during this season and beyond….practicing the ancient art

The 4 C’s for Better Fitness

Many people have the goal of “getting” or “staying” fit. The number of obstacles however, can be many. Finding time, figuring out which class to attend, self-consciousness, or fear of failure...all can get in the way. Whether you are choosing a gym, looking into attending a class, or wishing to work one on one with

Get Fit If You Always Sit

One of the most challenging aspects of exercising is simply finding time for it. Many of us find ourselves sitting at a desk for the majority of our working lives. How can one expect to stay fit sitting at a desk? Is it possible? At CMC, we work hard to find exercises that fit into

Oh, To Be Able to Fall Asleep!

For those of us who struggle with sleep, the word “sleep” can be ominous, evasive. We lie down, and hope. For years I struggled with what we call in yoga “Chitti Vritti”, a chattering or fluctuating mind. Many of you know the feeling all too well. A faucet of thoughts that seem to drip (and

Springtime Cleaning for Better Health

Spring time brings thoughts of cleaning. Outside, we clean up our yards from the debris that has accumulated throughout the winter. Inside we transition into our springtime wardrobe, and purge items from previous years that we no longer need. This process of cleansing always feels amazing. Embarking on the rite of springtime cleaning is a

Get Moving!

At CMC we are committed to helping people develop better relationships with their bodies as changing any destructive behavior pattern requires that you “take better care” of yourself! Exercise of course is key to taking better care of your body. Maybe you are just starting to think about adding exercise into your life and don’t

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