Elisabeth Fonseca, PhD

Dr. Fonseca is a multilingual psychologist with a specialty in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, having experience in both group and individual modalities. She has worked extensively with adults and couples struggling with substance use issues, both at the Smithers Alcohol Treatment and Training Center, as well as at CMC. Dr Fonseca also worked for a number of years with HIV positive clients and their extended families, in particular a network of Latina grandmothers caretaking their grandchildren.

Dan Rayhill, PhD

Dr. Rayhill is a clinical psychologist who has training in cognitive behavioral therapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety as well as addiction and compulsivity. Dr. Rayhill has over a decade of experience providing individual, group and family therapy treatments within several different clinical settings including inpatient psychiatric care, a hospital based outpatient mental health clinic, school based clinic and private practice. Prior to joining CMC, Dr. Rayhill was a clinician and supervisor at a community mental health center, where he specialized in the treatment of ADHD and disruptive behavior disorders among adolescents and young adults. He has also worked extensively with the gay community and the issues specific to gay identity.

Susan Schack, PhD

Dr. Schack is a clinical psychologist with over 15 years of experience in a variety of settings.She has been a consultant with CMC since its inception in 2004, and currently runs the DBT groups in CMC’s intensive outpatient day program and provides staff with onsite clinical consultation in DBT. In addition to her work with CMC, Dr. Schack has a private practice in NYC and in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia where she enjoys working with individuals and couples. In Philadelphia, she is affiliated with the Center for Acceptance and Change (no connection to CMC). Early in her career Dr. Schack was intensively trained in DBT, CBT for anxiety and psychodynamic treatment at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center and proceeded to work there as a supervising psychologist. She worked in the inpatient, day program, and outpatient units, and became expert at working with a variety of problems, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders and personality disorders. She also was very involved in training and supervising students in their internship program. After leaving Roosevelt Hospital, Dr. Schack spent several years as the Assistant Director of Student Counseling at Fordham University at Lincoln Center.

Ronald Hanover, PhD

Dr. Hanover is graduate in clinical psychology from Syracuse University. He completed a 4 year internship with the Veterans Administration during graduate school and upon graduating worked at the Princeton University counseling service. He went on to serve as Chief Psychologist for 6 years with the New York State Narcotic Addiction Control Commission. From there he moved to the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Manhattan where he worked for 36 years as a psychologist. During that time he opened one of the first of 15 outpatient PTSD programs in the country in 1986. He supervised interns (135) for over 25 years in PTSD and did individual and group counseling as well as assessment, training and teaching of PTSD.