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Justina Dillon

Postdoctoral Fellow

Justina Dillon is a clinical psychologist with a background in psychodynamic psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. She has clinical training in inpatient addiction treatment at Mount Sinai Beth Israel and outpatient and inpatient psychological services at the Nassau University Medical Center. Her clinical placements have also included public schools and a community mental health clinic in Queens. Justina has provided individual, couples, and group therapy to adults, adolescents, and children from a diverse range of racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Her research and clinical interests include trauma, substance misuse, eating disorders, attachment issues, anxiety, emotion regulation, and interpersonal problems.

The Center for Motivation and Change (CMC) offers a one-year, full-time Clinical Internship for Doctoral psychology students. The Internship program combines training in evidence-based treatments for adults with substance use disorders, treatments for related psychological issues, and research on the efficacy of such treatments. CMC’s internship is offered through the APPIC Match, within the Derner Internship Consortium. The Derner Internship Consortium is APA-accredited.

For more information about CMC’s internship program, please click here or email Dr. Kathy Pruzan at [email protected].