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Managing Your Feelings Without Substances

Does having a cigarette can make you feel more energized and focused? Does having a drink can make you feel less depressed, less anxious or help wind down tension at the end of a long day. The reality is, people use substances because they have an effect that they appreciate. The problem for some however

How and Why to Start a Yoga Practice

Yoga is an ancient practice that uses breathing, moving, relaxing and meditating to achieve self-awareness and well being. Maybe you think it is a little bit weird. Maybe you think it looks kind of cool but find it sort of intimidating? Whichever your experience, it is worth the effort to explore it a bit more.

Exercise: The Pathway to A Better Life

We all get a lot of advice and information about the importance of exercise and physical activity. The health benefits are impossible to ignore: improving mood, helping concentration, regulating sleep, and the potential for healthy weight regulation. Making changes to substance use are often helped by adding in other activities that would compete with use,

The Dangers of Secrecy . . . For a Prince

Prince was a beloved, lauded musician who will be terribly missed. He was known for his great musical gifts and tremendous stage presence. And he was also known for being substance-free: it was commonly recognized that he did not allow drinking, smoking, or drug use by anyone in his home or work. And yet recent

Spring Has Sprung, Should You be Worried?

Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and birds are singing. While you are replacing your boots with sandals and pants with shorts and skirts, you can feel the energy buzzing in the warm spring air. Sounds great, right? As you work to cultivate a life of mindfulness and present-moment attention, you

Communication is Hard!

Communication is hard. And, it’s a really necessary part of our lives. How else are we expected to get what we want from someone else? Or to ask someone to change their behaviors? Or let someone know that you really like what they’ve just done? We need to communicate with others, and sometimes, we are

Can You Notice 3 Moments?

It’s Spring! and the perfect time to start noticing and enjoying the more pleasant events in your day to day life. You may however be struggling with depression or anxiety and can’t quite find it in you to feel hopeful about anything right now. Maybe you are trying really hard to change a habit, like

All About: Different Types of Support and Treatment

Let’s meet Doug. Doug has a wife and a young child, a dog, and a job in IT. Doug’s a responsible dad, an attentive husband, and he even just got a promotion at work. He’s never had any trouble with substances in the past, and would describe himself as a casual drinker. On the surface,

Building Resilience Part 1: How to Thrive Through Stress

Most any self-improvement article or book will advise you of the perils of stress: sleep disruption, increases in the stress hormone cortisol, cardiac stress, depression, irritability, obesity, relationship disruption, and a tendency to isolate. Chronic stress in particular is correlated to some degree with all of these negative effects and more. While this all sounds

All About: Coping Skills

As you consider making a behavioral change (whether that change is reducing or stopping substance use...changing general lifestyle habits to more healthy habits), you will likely encounter something very difficult: fear of the future! What if you don’t like the changes you are trying to make? What if you can’t change? These fears are understandable