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My Resolution is to Suffer More

This year, I resolve to feel bad about myself. I am going to worry that I am not meeting my goals, and have negative thoughts about my weight, my job performance, and my parenting skills. I'm going to have anxiety about social situations. And, I'm not going to try and avoid these feelings, or try

Making Space for Quiet Reflection

Who wants to make a New Year's Resolution? Nobody! They can feel trite, forced, and pointless: Why now? Will it really last? With all the problems in the world, what behavior change would even make a dent? The articles we usually write are about how to take small steps toward change, be SMART about goals (Specific,

Medication Talk: Women & Medication – What You Should Know with Dr. Alicia Murray

In this month's edition of Medication Talk, we discuss issues around medication that are specific to women with Dr. Alicia Murray. Dr. Murray is a board certified Addiction Psychiatrist and General Psychiatrist. She did her training at St Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital (New York Presbyterian Hospital) and her post doctoral fellowship and clinical addiction medicine fellowship at New

Debunking Mindfulness Myths

Mindfulness is such a pervasive topic these days that it feels like it’s infiltrated every corner of life (even the NY Knicks are using it!). And, everyone has tips on how to be mindful. Headspace, the mindfulness training app, is advertising during sporting events. Wall Street and large corporations are bringing in mindfulness experts, as

Understanding OCD

We all have random thoughts that pop in and out of our minds. For most of us, these thoughts do exactly that, pop in and pop out, and we are able to move on with our day. For people who struggle with an anxiety disorder, and especially those who struggle with Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD), getting

Medication Talk: Adult ADHD with Dr. David Cooperman

In this month's edition of Medication Talk, we are talking with Dr. David Cooperman about ADHD in adults. ADHD is usually diagnosed in childhood. Is it something that can be missed and only first diagnosed as an adult? Can you develop it later in life, or would people with an adult diagnosis have had it

It’s Hard to Relax and Have Fun!

Finding time to relax and have fun can be difficult at the best of times; family obligations, daily stresses, and managing your life can all get in the way. It can feel hard to find time for even short, enjoyable moments, like watching a favorite show or reading a magazine. It can feel especially hard

The Pain of Shame

Shame is ubiquitous among humans...we all can feel it to varying degrees and some of us are way more prone to it than others. Evolutionary psychologists think it is wired into us because we are social animals and shame is designed to correct behavior that steps out of the social norm. When you step out

Medication Talk: Alcohol Medications with Dr. Alex Horowitz

In this new feature, we will discuss topics about medication and medical issues that come up when treating substance abuse. This month we are speaking with Alex Horowitz, MD. Dr. Horowitz is a psychiatrist who is board certified in both general psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. He is a clinical assistant professor at NYU School of Medicine

Building Resilience Part III: Sleep, Exercise, and Health

Being resilient means being able to face the stressors that life throws you and cope well enough with them that you recover relatively quickly. And with all that is going on in the world right now, it can seem that the stressors never stop coming (politics, violence, financial strain) it is all the more important