Rebecca Barber, PhD
Rebecca Block, PhD
Kelly Bertrand, PhD
Debaki Chakrabarti, PhD
Kathryn (K.C.) Conley, PhD
Siobhan Donnelly, PsyD
Nicole Heitler, PsyD
Pamela Jones, PhD
Laura Shapiro, PhD
Lisa Singer, PsyD
Brian Sherman, PhD
Amy Sugarman, PhD
Neta Tal, PhD
Mike Tamburino, PhD
Jami Wolf, PsyD - Supervising Psychologist
At CMC, all of our clinical staff members are doctorate level psychologists.  While the philosophy of CMC is to use evidence-based treatments, which often means cognitive-behaviorally based treatments, we strive to employ a well-rounded staff with many different and unique specialities.  To read more about any of our staff members, please click on their name to the left.

Our intake therapists go to great lengths to try and match up new client with a therapist that will be a good “fit.”  To that end, your input is very valuable to this process!  If there is a staff member who you think you would like to work with, we encourage you to bring this up when you begin your intake process. At the same time, we can not guarantee any particular therapists has availability, or that they will, in fact, be the best fit for any particular case.